Our Bunker Museum

The Bunker always had an ambience, which deserved more than fast filling with more stock so hence the WWII bunker evolved based on Churchill’s Secret Bunker in North London and many interesting militaria items now fill it.

Please if passing feel free to browse and have a cup of tea.

About the Bunker…………Paddock

Churchill’s Secret Bunker was really secret throughout World War Two (1939-1945). There are War Rooms under Whitehall, where Churchill held cabinet meetings and slept but he also had another bunker, 40ft below ground in sleepy Brook Road, Neasden in north-west London.

About the Bunker

The bunker, codenamed Paddock, was an alternative to the Cabinet War Rooms at Whitehall, which would not have survived a direct hit. This bunker was deep enough to be completely bombproof. Paddock was meant to be Chuchill’s last refuge if the World War 2 Battle of Britain had been lost. It was designed to accommodate the entire war cabinet and 200 staff.

The war cabinet in 1940

Paddock was so secret, that Churchill only described it as “near Hampstead” in his memoirs. But he used it just once for a war cabinet meeting because he found it rather damp.

Over the years that it has been abandoned, funky mould and calcite stalactites grow. The many rooms – some functions of which remain unknown to this day – included a place for the war cabinet to meet, a BBC radio broadcast studio, telephone exchanges, a diesel generator, what was one of the oldest air conditioning systems in all the world and a military control room.

The bunker was sold to Stadium Housing Association in 1997 who built social housing on the land above.

They installed electricity and pumps, without which the bunker would be knee-high in water, and made it safe.

These works cost £15,000