• The joint Chemical , Biological, Radiological & Nuclear Regiment was a specialist expeditionary unit of the British armed forces.
  • Personnel of the Joint CBRN Regiment were trained in the detection, identification and monitoring of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons
  • Five regular squadrons; four from the 1st Royal Tank Regiment and one (No. 27 Squadron) from the RAF Regiment. Two squadrons (A and W) from the Royal Yeomanry and, from March 2004, 2623 Squadron RAF Regiment provided a reserve capability.Elements of the Joint CBRN Regiment have since operated in this role in Kuwait and Iraq (on Operation Telic, in which the Royal Yeomanry squadrons combined into a single unit named Y Squadron) and Afghanistan. The 1st Royal Tank Regiment then became divisional troops within 3rd Mechanised Division. Nevertheless, in 2014, the Royal Tank Regiment formed up with one Squadron, Falcon Squadron, dedicated towards CBRN, and brought the FUCHS vehicles back into service in 2016
  • wikepdia have am informative description of the Joint CBRN :https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joint_Chemical,_Biological,
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