This is a ONE OFF hard back photograph book showing the story of the 10th Indian Division between 1941 & 1945. Aquired from a relative of Captain Jamie Gardner. It includes over 45 pages of multiple photo’s, in black and white, with explanitory notations. Including the protective sleeves between each page. The book has some water damage.

Also included Captain Gardner’s cap badge and pip’s.

A copy of a reproduced 8th Army news signed on front cover by Captain Gardner.

A small colour booklet of ‘The Story of The Tenth Indian Division.

A booklet believed issued to those going on leave called ‘The Road Home’. Showing a written and pictorial description of the journey between Austria and the English Channel

A cloth bag printed with ‘BEST WISHES FROM DIVISION AND DIV COMMANDER. Possibly containing a gift?

This is a fine collection of personal memorabelia for historians of the 10th Indian Division.