• Camouflage net woodland
  • A multi use genuine military cam net
  • store in one of our rucksack liner bags – cheap & practical – to keep your cam net under control during storage or transport!
  • Decorate your tank or bedroom! Pigeon hide or tree house.
  • why not get one of our bags to store it in: https://www.walkthisway.co.uk/shop/military-tactical-bags-bergens-rucksack/rucksacks/rucksack-liner/
  • So many uses.
  • Mesh rope backing
  • Make your own size adjustments with our para cord
  • Use inside or outside
  • As nets cut from a larger net, some may not have ‘official edging’. This can be made with introduction of para cord, but they work perfectly fine without.
  • Pair with bungee to secure to your fixing point: https://www.walkthisway.co.uk/shop/camping-survival/accessories/bungee/
  • Sizes are approximate and pictures are from library and colors may vary slightly from photo due to computer color settings and or manufacturers
  • we are an independent retailer and are happy to answer questions and advise
  • Buy a British Army Laundry bag to store your cam net and save it getting out of control!!
  • library picture