Please find our sleeping solutions for your outdoor overnight trip. Sleeping bags for all climates, sleep mats, sleeping bag liners, midge nets, camp beds,  goretex bivi bags, military blankets, tent poles.


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  • 58 Pattern down filled sleeping bag

    • Down filled sleeping bag from British Army
    • rolls into hood
    • strong long front zip
    • zip open from inside
    • some bags may be feathery!
    • draw cord hood
    • water resistant base
    • Extra warm for cold nights a tent or wild camping
    • Buy a Laundry bag (avaliable seperately) to store your bag when not in use to prevent crushing the filling (or doing your washing!)
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  • British Army Issue mosquito tent – individual

    • A vintage British Amry mosquito tent
    • Keep the bugs out with this
    • pockets round bottom for securing ‘skirt’ down with stones

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  • British Army issue Self Inflating Sleepmat

    • Army issue self inflating sleep mats
    • British or European
    • comes in 3/4 or full length
    • Provide Comfort & Insulation while away from home
    • Lightweight
    • Compact size when deflated
    • Tough & durable
    • Design may vary slightly depening on country of issue
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  • British Army Modular sleeping bag – LIGHT WEIGHT

    • Genuine British Army Surplus Sleeping bag
    • Light weight for summer issue
    • use as stand alone or tie into liner and or medium weight bag for added warmth

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  • British Army Sleeping mat

    • Library picture
    • Issued
    • Lightweight foam
    • waterproof & washable
    • Approx 1cm thick
    • 60.5cm wide, 200cm long
    • keeps thermal layer under your body when sleeping outside
    • camping, hiking, fishing
    • issued item so may have signs of previous owner ie names/other marks

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  • Cam net, camo net

    • Camouflage net woodland
    • A multi use genuine military cam net
    • store in one of our rucksack liner bags – cheap & practical – to keep your cam net under control during storage or transport!
    • Decorate your tank or bedroom! Pigeon hide or tree house.
    • why not get one of our bags to store it in:
    • So many uses.
    • Mesh rope backing
    • Make your own size adjustments with our para cord
    • Use inside or outside
    • As nets cut from a larger net, some may not have ‘official edging’. This can be made with introduction of para cord, but they work perfectly fine without.
    • Pair with bungee to secure to your fixing point:
    • Sizes are approximate and pictures are from library and colors may vary slightly from photo due to computer color settings and or manufacturers
    • we are an independent retailer and are happy to answer questions and advise
    • Buy a British Army Laundry bag to store your cam net and save it getting out of control!!
    • library picture
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  • Emergency Survival Blanket

    • Blankets are issued but unopened and still in vacuum packs .
    • Price is per individual blanket.
    • emergency survual thermal blanket.
    • Light weight cobat casualty blanket
    • takes up little room in carrying pack butcould be a life saver
    • use for military , camping, hiking, any outdoor activites
    • be prepared always have one of these in your bag, if not for you,  for someone else

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  • German army sleeping bag with arms

    • Genuine military surplus
    • removable quilted liner
    • waterproof base & outer
    • hood with liner
    • zip half way down to allow your legs out
    • waterproofing fabric continues down length of arms
    • entire sleeping bag rolls up into itself for ease of carrying
    • great for cold and warm nights with removable lining for all outdoor sleeping

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  • Military Issue Ejector Seat parachute canopy

    £75.00 £49.00
    • Genuine military issue
    • red base colour
    • Use this for multiple activities from wedding tent linings to kids parties

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  • Sleeping bag Liner British Army modular sleeping bag

    • Genuine British military
    • comfortable cotton fabric
    • use inside your sleeping bag as a convenient washable liner
    • hooded
    • with securing tags for compatible sleeping bags
    • velcro front closure
    • Library photo, actual product may differ slightly from photo and may not have original tags
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  • Tent Pegs



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  • US military M-1949 mountain sleeping bag with outer case

    • Genuine US army sleeping
    • Made by the US military for the civillian market
    • 2 parts – outer  shell or case & inner feather filled bag
    • zip, press studd & draw string closure
    • size regular
    • this is an issued item and has signs commensurate with age and use

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  • US quilted poncho liner

    • Genuine military surplus
    • quilted extra warm layer for your outdoor activities
    • large square -ish quilted wrap around to keep you warm when you’re outside by use of an additional layer
    • aka ‘woobie’

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  • British Army Arctic Sleeping Bag

    • Issued Genuine British Army Arctic Mummy style sleeping bag.
    • Chunky Zip,  1/2 or 3/4 length depending on bag.
    • Insulated internal Storm flap zip protector with velcro.
    • 2 internal large mesh pockets.
    • Drawstring cord hood
    • STUFF AVALIABLE SEPARATELY (please see associated listing)
    • Avaliable in Large & Medium and with or without compression sack
    • Grade 1 has no repairs, Grade 2 has repairs
    • (These are Libary photo’s so the item you recieve may not be the one in the photo)
    • Buy a mesh laundry bag, or nylon bag to store your sleeping bag when not in use as it prevents the filling from crushing and compacting
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  • British Army Modular Sleeping bag -MEDIUM WEIGHT

    • Genuine British military issue
    • excellent thermal properties down to -15 on its own. Couple with  liners to increase thermal properties
    • padded zip baffel
    • full front zip length
    • army olive green colour (variations on colour from photo may be present depending on manufacturer)
    • use with our Goretex bivi bag to keep the damp out
    • draw cord hood
    • square foot
    • inner mesh pocket
    • compression and or storage bags avaliable
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  • British Army Heavy Duty Folding Camp Bed

    • Genuine military issued
    • made for the military!
    • includes storage bag
    • heavy canvas base
    • aluminium frame
    • stay warmer by keeping off the ground when you sleep with this military issue bed
    • try with one of our sleeping bags and thermal sleeping bag liners
    • libary photo, product may vary slightly depending on manufacturer and condition
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  • British Army Issue Tropical Jungle warm weather sleeping bag

    • Light weight warm weather
    • Full length zip which unzips down side and across bottom so sleeping bag will fold out flat
    • Draw cord hood
    • stuff sack avaliable seperately
    • Approx 240cm long 75cm wide
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  • Goretex bivi bag British Army ( CAMO or OLIVE)

    • This is genuine MoD so high quality & will give max breathability and waterproofing
    • Plenty of room for the largest of sleeping bag to have maneuverability once inside.
    • 2 Colours either woodland DPM or plain olive green. ( Please note the colours may vary slightly from the pictures.)
    • These are also issued items and may have marks from previous user (eg name/rank etc)
    • They maybe either issued with or without front gusset depending of date of manufacturer. If you have a preference please advise and we will do our very best to find your specific’s but cannot guarantee.
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  • Meraklon thermal cold weather sleeping bag jersey liner

    • Military Issue
    • Excellent thermal properties for sub zero climate
    • Stretchie comfort material
    • Draw cord top
    • Machine washable
    • Use inside your sleeping bag to increase warmth
    • Buy one of our Goretex Bivi bags to keep the wet out too!
    • Store conveniently inside one of our cheap light weight rucksack

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  • Military style blanket, heavy wool blend


    Grey, Approx 60″ x 80″ quite big!

    Handy for camping, fishing, or standard scout camp blanket.

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