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Please see our range of collectible gas masks from UK and around the world.

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  • Respirator Filter for Israeli gas mask **NEW**


    With Leaflet

    *** Please note these are sold as display only***

    These are not sold to be used originally designed, this includes, but is not limited to, use in masks offering protection from the coronavirus or other similar conditions.

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  • Soviet Gas detector kit.

    £38.00 £29.00
    • Genuine Russian Soviet equipment
    • **sold for display only**

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  • Genuine WW2 Baby Infant Gas Mask

    £59.00 £49.00
    • Gas protection mask for children up to 2 years old
    • The parents placed their baby inside the mask so that the head was inside the steel helmet and the baby could see through the visor. Then they wrapped the canvas part around the baby’s body with the straps fastened under its bottom like a nappy, and its legs dangling free below. The canvas had a rubber coating to stop gas seeping through the material, and the straps were tied securely so that the mask was airtight
    • Attached to this is a rubber tube shaped like a concertina with a handle. This was pushed back and forth to pump air into the mask. With the baby inside the mask, an adult could start to use the hand pump.
    • Sorry baby not included!
    • sold for display only
    • We have a couple of these avaliable. This is a stock photo so wear of individual items may be slightly different.


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  • WW2 Childs Mickey Mouse Gas Mask

    • Piece of Vintage British homefront history
    • Childs ‘Micky Mouse’ gas mask
    • in original box
    • Excellent condition
    • Iconic symbol of the war at home
    • Securely packaged and sent signed for and insured

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Showing all 4 results