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Please see below for our bushcraft items to keep you safe and tooled up when you are doing your outdoor activities.


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  • army military identification dog tags

    • Dog Tags similar to the army dog tags
    • Identification tags as used in military for identifing a casualty and their personal information such as relegious belief, blood type, innoculations
    • Great present
    • 2 metals tags on a metal plated ball chain
    • Small parts
    • Not suitable for young children
    • usually worn next to skin so please review any personal metal allergy’s before buying
    • lots of army military fashion items & garments avaliable in shop

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  • British Army Combat Application Tourniquet

    • Genuine issued military piece
    • widespread issue to most troops on active deployments
    • correct trained use these tourniques can be used to effectively stop/reduce bleeding on extremities
    • one-handed tourniquet
    • secure with ‘windlass’
    • velcro securing strap.
    • ** do not use unless appropriately trained **
    • Issued or unissued
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  • British Army headband personal combat torch band


    Strong but soft 2cm elastic

    Tough buckle

    2 elasticated retaining cross loops

    use these for attaching items to your head to leave yourself hands free ie: torches


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  • British Army Laundry Bag

    • A light weight net bag great to keep your personal washing together in a communial wash situation.
    • Great for basic training/cadets/regulars.
    • Or use in commercial hospitality self catering, b&b holiday let
    • Or use it for diving expeditions to collect artifacts or shell fish!!
    • Approx 60cm x 90cm
    • with drawstring top
    • Dont leave home without one!

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  • Camouflage net

    • Camouflage net woodland Or white
    • A multi use genuine military cam net
    • Decorate your tank or bedroom! Pidgeon hide or tree house.
    • So many uses.
    • Lost of different sizes
    • Avaliable in woodland or white
    • Mesh rope backing
    • Make your own size adjustments with our para cord
    • Use inside or outside
    • As nets cut from a larger net, some may not have ‘official edging’. This can be made with introduction of para cord, but they work perfectly fine without.
    • Pair with bungee to secure to your fixing point: https://www.walkthisway.co.uk/shop/camping-survival/accessories/bungee/
    • Sizes are approximate and pictures are from libary
    • we are an independant retailer and are happy to answer questions and advise
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  • PLCE Utility straps 1.10m long army surplus


    Ultra useful traps for multiple purposes.

    Buy a couple and join them together if you need a longer length!

    Ideal for attaching kit to bergens or securing utility pouches

    1.10m long

    2.5cm wide

    tough plastic buckle

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  • Tri Fold Spade and cover

    • similar to  military issue
    • tri fold spade
    • useful compact metal spade
    • protection carrying cover

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  • Zeltbahn ** Genuine german military**


    Genuine military

    What a great piuce of equipment from the German military

    Waterproof and camouflage

    Different colour pattern on each side

    reinforced metal ring holes on edge for securing

    great for personal or equipment camouflage and once recommended as a flotation device! Or use it as a poncho for rain protection on your bike or wheelchair




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    27cm x 8cm x 17cm. Unpainted

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  • 24 hour Ration packs, British Army

    • 24 hour Ration packs
    • Designed by MOD to keep 1 active person sustained for 24hours while on operational duty
    • 3 main meals 4000 cal per day
    • We have lots of different ration packs avaliable
    • Photo is just library picture
    • Please make selection from drop down list
    • Please note each box is a different menu but contains the same basic stuff

    Link to officers pack here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQ3_o7F7mqY

    Also try our MRE: https://www.walkthisway.co.uk/shop/camping-survival/cooking-eating/mre-meals-ready-to-eat-usa/

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  • Cam cream face paint

    • Apply to face hands neck and behind ears
    • For genuine military purposes or paintballing, kids party
    • In compact pallette
    • ** Please always check ingredients for allerg advice and do not apply if in doubt’**
    • we are independant retailer and happy to answer questions.
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  • Military style blanket, heavy wool blend


    Grey, Approx 60″ x 80″..so quite big!

    Handy for camping, fishing, or standard scout camp blanket.

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  • Para cord


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  • Scrim net squares, repair net or helmet cover


    Lots of different uses for this. Repair your existing cam net, or make a new one of your own design and shape. Alternatively use as helmet cover. Attached with our para cord.

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  • Survival Fire steel with whistle and compass on lanyard



    • Survival Fire steel
    • inc whistle, compass
    • lanyard
    • Scouts, cadets
    • survival
    • durable
    • compact
    • No wet matches with this, ready to go at any time.
    • Works even in the wet & cold!

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