Please see below for our range of military army  issue helmets from across the era’s. Tried and tested by the military for a range of operations and activites.


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  • Army helmet covers

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  • British Paratrooper helmet


    British Paratrooper helmet

    • genuine original
    • these paratrooper helmets are designed differently from standard helmets in order to protect wearer when jumping from the plane
    • steel helmet airborne troop
    • add to your collection or start a new one
    • wear for fashion! or a theatre production
    • includes helmet cover of your choice (as avaliable: mtp/woodland/un/desert)
    • sold as display only
    • we are a small independant shop. Happy to answer your question.


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  • Lothian & Borders Fireman peaked dress cap

    • Lothian & Borders Fireman dress cap

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  • MK6 British Army tactical combat Helmet Ballistic (cover avaliable seperately)


    MK6 British Army Helmet.  Issued but serviceable. Sold for display only.

    • add helmet cover to allow for adaption to different service environments
    • padded back panels and forehead
    • chin strap
    • foam synthetic liner
    • internally adjustment straps
    • weighing approx just over 3lbs
    • Helmets designed to accept modern ear defenders


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  • Royal Navy/Fleet Air Arm Flight Deck Crewman’s helmet FR MK7

    • Helmet of a Royal Navy Naval Airman (Aircraft Handler)
    • Genuine issued helmet
    • Issued and has signs of previous owner (please see photo’s)
    • size 3
    • As a Naval Airman (Aircraft Handler), you’re responsible for safety whenever there’s aircraft on the deck or the ground. That means working with flight crews at Royal Naval Air Stations (RNAS), on our state-of-the-art warships, or even the new Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier. It’s a physical job where you’ll work outside in all conditions, but by making sure that our jets and helicopters are in the right place at the right time, you’ll be playing a key role in providing Royal Navy’s airborne capability. (Royal Navy)
    • We have lots of helmets in the shop, & lots of Royal Navy items to start or add to your collection
    • Happy to answer questions, or if you cant see what you are looking for just ask we smay still have it!

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  • US American army helmet

    • US / American army helmet.
    • genuine
    • original

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  • WW2 style British helmet ‘Turtle shell helmet’ MKIII

    • WW2 style British Army helmet
    • MKIII
    • not ww2 dated but same style
    • Turtle shell helmet
    • shaped steel helmet
    • removable liner (not original)
    • shown with scrim, but this is removable
    • British army
    • we are small independant retailer and happy to answer your questions

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