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  • Collectible Vintage Militaria Brass Naval marine Compass

    £69.00 £50.00
    • Vintage genuine Naval Bearing Compass
    • Measures approx 7.5cm x 9cm
    • folds away compact
    • Heavy solid weight
    • Compass points rotate
    • Beautifully crafted naval militaria to add to your collection
    • we are an independant retailer and are happy to answer questions or advise

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  • Men’s Royal Navy White Shirt

    • Men’s Royal Navy White Shirt
    • short sleeve
    • patch pockets on breast
    • Cotton
    • button front
    • size 38/40″

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  • Royal Marine Commando shoulder title

    • Royal Marine Commando shoulder title
    • subdued tan & buff
    • Lots of regimental formation/division patches in stock, please see dedicated category in website
    • Use as is, with other divisional patches & adapt for your theatre, fashion project
    • we are a small independant retailer and happy to answer your questions

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  • Royal Navy Utility cap, baseball cap

    • Genuine
    • Royal Navy Utility cap
    • Navy baseball cap
    • Label says for ‘LIEUTENANT COMMANDER & BELOW’
    • 75% cotton, 25% polyester
    • flame resistant
    • Famous Royal Navy blue
    • velcro adjuster at rear
    • min size approx 21 1/4″ (54cm) with max increase of 23 1/4″ 59cm (which leaves an overlap of 2″ / 5cm)
    • stiffen front peak
    • padded internal lining to headband rim for long term wearer comfort

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  • Royal Navy/Fleet Air Arm Flight Deck Crewman’s helmet FR MK7

    • Helmet of a Royal Navy Naval Airman (Aircraft Handler)
    • Genuine issued helmet
    • Issued and has signs of previous owner (please see photo’s)
    • size 3
    • As a Naval Airman (Aircraft Handler), you’re responsible for safety whenever there’s aircraft on the deck or the ground. That means working with flight crews at Royal Naval Air Stations (RNAS), on our state-of-the-art warships, or even the new Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier. It’s a physical job where you’ll work outside in all conditions, but by making sure that our jets and helicopters are in the right place at the right time, you’ll be playing a key role in providing Royal Navy’s airborne capability. (Royal Navy)
    • We have lots of helmets in the shop, & lots of Royal Navy items to start or add to your collection
    • Happy to answer questions, or if you cant see what you are looking for just ask we smay still have it!

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  • Royal Naval Association (RN) Patch Badge (original)


    Genuine heavy fabric patch badge. Approx 9cm x 10cm.

    Raised bullion anchor and crown.

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  • Barr & Stroud Binoculars military

    £149.99 £129.99

    Barr & Stroud Binoculars

    • War department marked set of Barr & Stroud Bino’s
    • 1933 dated
    • 80+ years old
    • There are several marking on the bino’s:

    7 x cf41  Glasgow and London. (These appear to be 7 x 50 but please confirm this through your own research using our photo’s. Happy to supply more photo’s as requested.)

    AP: No 1900A Serial number 54055. British Patent No 416359/1933

    It is still possible to see the bold Admiralty Arrow on casing, but paint either come off or painted over? They have various light filter’s. These unusually have the ‘metal twist solar sun shield attachments’ to the lenses.

    As these were in their day a high quality piece of optical engineering it is understood they would have belonged to a higher ranking Naval Officer.

    They are ‘foggy’ on one lens so might need servicing. Still Amazing talking point for all historians but espically those with a maritime interest.

    These come original vintage leather neck strap and solid protective leather case.


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