Royal Company of Archers painting – Queen’s body guard

  • A unique painting from the Royal Compay of Archers in Edinburgh, (the monarch’s body guard when they come to Scotland)
  • they are a ceremonial unit
  • located in edinburgh
  • The Royal Company of Archers has a long history in Scotland as a body that celebrated both the recreation and talent of local archers. As a body established by the Monarch, the Company has a long history of unique prizes, influential supporters, and ceremonial roles.
  • This is believed to be an oil painting on metal mesh
  • image shows 2 jacobean? soldiers flanking a shield
  • the moto reads ‘arcu atque animo’ which means with bow & spirit
  • We have had it reframed
  • measures approx:
  • would be a totally unique piece of royal and Scottish history for any collector
  • from the Royal Company of Archers in Edinburgh
  • other Royal Archers memorebelia avaliable, please see dedicated category

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