Civil Defence corps Patch Badge

  • Genuine patch
  • black background with embroidered gold & red thread
  • sitting lion with kings crown on top
  • The Civil defence corps (CDC) was a civilian volunteer organisation established in Great Britain in 1949 to mobilise and take local control of the affected area in the aftermath of a major national emergency, principally envisaged as being a Cold War nuclear attack. By March 1956, the Civil Defence Corps had 330,000 personnel.[1] It was stood down in Great Britain in 1968, although two Civil Defence Corps still operate within the British Isles, namely the Isle of Man Civil Defence Corps and the unrelated Civil Defence Ireland in the Republic of Ireland. Many other countries maintain a national Civil Defence Corps, usually having a wide brief for assisting in large scale civil emergencies such as flood, earthquake, invasion, or civil disorder. (wikipedia)
  • Civil defence service patch badge with kings crown indicating GV1 period
  • Other WW2 ‘civil defence corps’ & ‘civil defence service’ & ICDS memorabilia in shop
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