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Welcome to our Army Surplus shop based in Coldstream, home of the Coldstream Guards, in the beautiful Scottish Borders. We have been trading since 1995 in British and European military surplus.


  • 32nd Tank Regiment (Italy) NOTIZ. CARRISTA E N.V. N. 5 LUG-AGO 2015 CON ALLEGATO N.1. N.V.

    £20.00 £15.00
    • We have aquired this fabric length in colours of 32 reggimento Carri  Red/blue
    • appears to be some kind of cotton fabric mix
    • pleated in the middle
    • overall length approx 130cm
    • widest 18cm
    • Regimental sewn motif in centre of tank surrounded by wreath topped with a castle

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  • 44 ptn water bottle & case

    • Genuine 44 ptn military issue
    • case & bottle

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  • Austrian M65 Goretex jacket

    • Goretx waterproof to keep rain and water out
    • breathable for comfort, allows sweat/prespiration to escape
    • outer protective layer and inner comfort layer protect inner breathable waterpoof membrane
    • pair with goretex bib and brace trousers
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  • Body Armour Cover United Nations Blue

    £11.50 £9.50
    • British army issue body army covers
    • some have matching blue velcro some have black velcro, you will be sent a random choice unless specified. thank you
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  • British Army Combat Application Tourniquet

    • Genuine issued military piece
    • widespread issue to most troops on active deployments
    • correct trained use these tourniques can be used to effectively stop/reduce bleeding on extremities
    • one-handed tourniquet
    • secure with ‘windlass’
    • velcro securing strap.
    • ** do not use unless appropriately trained **
    • Issued or unissued
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  • British Army issue Bowman Personal Role Radio Headset

    • British Army Issue
    • Bowman Personal Role Radio Headset
    • Wide elasticated Velcro adjustable straps to front and rear
    • Wide comfort mesh with velcro adjustable strap to top
    • Issued
    • We have over 25 years of supplying British and Eurpoean military surplus and are very happy to assist with any queries or questions

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  • British Army Issue Insect Net

    • drawstring neck closure
    • Shown worn over our khaki bush hat (£10)
    • Keep those pesky insects off your face
    • Essential kit for camping, fishing, hiking & all sorts of outdoor activites!
    • Cheap & packs down very small
    • Use over any hat

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  • Coldstream Guards Ceremonial No 1 Dress uniform jacket

    £199.00 £179.00
    • Beautiful Genuine British military
    • Coldstream Guards Ceremonial No 1 Dress uniform jacket
    • size medium.
    • It measures approx:
    • under arm 21″
    • collar 16.5″
    • length down back from nap to bottom hem 34″
    • chest approx 19-20″
    • Please note this should be a sung fit! Usually worn with a very light garment underneath eg: t shirt
    • beautifully crafted ceremonial military dress jacket from the Famouns Coldstream Guards Regiment”
    • bright red tunic
    • lined in satin style soft fabric
    • black fabric high collar with gold bullion stars
    • complimentary detailing on wrist & small of the back
    • 9 gold metal buttons of the COLDSTREAM GUARDS
    • detailed epaullettes
    • fitted to waist
    • wear with complimentary belts and buckles of the Coldstream Guards for finishing touch (avaliable seperately)
    • set yourself apart and get noticed with this statment item of clothing
    • wear it as fashion statment or use as part of a theatre production
    • We are a small independant shop and are happy to advise and answer questions


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  • Coldstream Guards Recruitment poster

    • Unique to us
    • copy of Coldstream guard recruitment poster
    • other poster like this are avaliable…but only ours has the pay scale. Copy of the original poster.
    • This comes in protective tube.
    • size approx 30cm x 42cm
    • Would make lovely gift for a Guard or their family
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  • Czech military Parka with extra warm removable liner & hood M85 **LAST ONE**

    £40.00 £35.00
    • Czech military Parka
    • long, warm, winter ready and wallet friendly!
    • Made for the Czech army as cold weather gear for their winter climate
    • great military quality
    • very warm
    • waist belt
    • hood

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  • Genuine WW2 Baby Infant Gas Mask

    £59.00 £49.00
    • Gas protection mask for children up to 2 years old
    • The parents placed their baby inside the mask so that the head was inside the steel helmet and the baby could see through the visor. Then they wrapped the canvas part around the baby’s body with the straps fastened under its bottom like a nappy, and its legs dangling free below. The canvas had a rubber coating to stop gas seeping through the material, and the straps were tied securely so that the mask was airtight
    • Attached to this is a rubber tube shaped like a concertina with a handle. This was pushed back and forth to pump air into the mask. With the baby inside the mask, an adult could start to use the hand pump.
    • Sorry baby not included!
    • sold for display only
    • We have a couple of these avaliable. This is a stock photo so wear of individual items may be slightly different.


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  • Hunsun SEXTANT in wooden case

    £675.00 £575.00
    • Original beautiful dove tail jointed wooden presentation box
    • Sextant with original authenticity certificate from Hughes & Sons, London
    • dated 6th July 1932, so just pre WW2
    • piece number 17813
    • brass carrying handle to one side
    • weight nearly 6kg
    • brass blank name plate on top
    • I’ve no idea if it is complete and is sold a display only. If you buy this item please examine the photos fully as part of the listing description.

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  • Low footstool with anchor design

    £19.99 £15.00
    • comfortable padded low footstool
    • anchor design
    • 34cm x 34cm
    • round wooden feet

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  • Military button Royal Company of Archers, Kings Crown Button

    • The Royal Company of Archers, Kings Crown Button
    • Lovely genuine military buttons from the Royal Archers the monarch’s body guard in Scotland
    • great for making beautiful bespoke garments
    • lots avaliable

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  • Military Issue Ejector Seat parachute canopy

    £75.00 £49.00
    • Genuine military issue
    • red base colour
    • Use this for multiple activities from wedding tent linings to kids parties

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  • Military Norwegian, norgie, Flask replacement tap

    • Genuine military part

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  • Multi weapon Small arms rifle weapons Gun cleaning kit MTP roll

    • Genuine army issue
    • multi weapon tool roll
    • lots of internal pockets
    • waterproof lining
    • tough cordura outter
    • quick release closure
    • various kit options, please check each photo for contents
    • issue so may have signs of previous user
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  • North American Rescue Combat Casualty response kit

    £149.00 £99.00

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  • Royal Company of Archers painting – Queen’s body guard

    £169.99 £149.99
    • A unique painting from the Royal Compay of Archers in Edinburgh, (the monarch’s body guard when they come to Scotland)
    • they are a ceremonial unit
    • located in edinburgh
    • The Royal Company of Archers has a long history in Scotland as a body that celebrated both the recreation and talent of local archers. As a body established by the Monarch, the Company has a long history of unique prizes, influential supporters, and ceremonial roles.
    • This is believed to be an oil painting on metal mesh
    • image shows 2 jacobean? soldiers flanking a shield
    • the moto reads ‘arcu atque animo’ which means with bow & spirit
    • We have had it reframed
    • measures approx:
    • would be a totally unique piece of royal and Scottish history for any collector
    • from the Royal Company of Archers in Edinburgh
    • other Royal Archers memorebelia avaliable, please see dedicated category

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  • Royal Corps of Transport Mess Dress major rank – ceremonial

    £169.00 £149.99
    • Very smart Mess dress Jacket and Waistcoat
    • Curently with Royal Corps of Transport collar dogs. These can be reomoved so you have none or add your own.
    • Jacket: Black with Cream lapels. Jacket has black satin feel lining. 1 internal pocket. Major insignia on shoulders.
    • Waistcoat: Cream with Cream satin feel lining. 4 buttons and 2 pockets. Adjusting tape on rear.
    • Maker: Moss Bros of Covent Garden.
    • Sizes Approx: Chest 40″, Under Arm  19″
    • Please note: This is an issued item and as such may shows signs of use. We respectfully ask you to examine the photo’s full before buying to ensure you know the condition of the itemUse for original intended use
    • Or re purpose for fashion, theatre or re enacting project. Pair with our other mess dress clothing, trousres, boots, hats, bagdes & medals
    • The RLC was formed on 5 April 1993 from the amalgamation of the Royal Corps of Transport, the Royal Army Ordnance Corps, the Royal Pioneer Corps, the Army Catering Corps and the Postal and Courier Branch of the Royal Engineers. Our antecedents had a tradition of service to the Army and the Crown stretching back hundreds of years.

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  • Royal Regiment of Scotland parade belt & or buckle

    • Royal Regiment of Scotland parade belt & buckle
    • Adjustable white nylon parade belt with metal hook buckle and gold coloured metal buckle & insignia
    • Measures approx 10.5cm x 6.5cm
    • Buy as a replacement, spare or gift
    • Lots of other Royal regiment of Scotland accessories avaliable to accompany
    • libary picture
    • If you cant see what you are looking for please contact us as we often have lots of things not on the website yet! hats, berets, hackles, socks, kilts, jackets…..
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  • Royal Regiment of Scotland Sporran

    £75.00 £60.00
    • Genuine military sporran
    • From famous Scottish regiment
    • leather pouch
    • Black & White horse hair
    • 2 tassels
    • Gold colored cantle with Royal Regiment of Scotland emblem
    • Use for military and civilian use
    • Buy as a spare or as a gift
    • Kilt NOT included but kilts available separately:
    • https://www.walkthisway.co.uk/shop/collectibles-militaria/scottish-militaria/royal-regiment-of-scotland-kilt/

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  • Swedish M51 olive canvas respirator bag

    • Swedish
    • Olive green
    • Tough Canvas
    • various internal pockets useful for filters, documentation, etc
    • Shaped wider on one side than the other to allow for the rapid access of the gas mask
    • Approx 26cm x 30cm x 15cm (widest)
    • Adjustable Shoulder strap
    • Great for recycling to an ‘army satchel’ shoulder bag
    • press stud closure
    • ideal bag to carry lunch while out at work or on the hill
    • Called a ‘Bait bag’ here in Scotland!

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  • The Fifth Fusiliers & its Badges illustrated hardback with dust cover

    £77.00 £59.00
    • Hard back copy of Regimental insignia history
    • Including Royal Northumberland Fusiliers & Fifth fusiliers
    • Including dust cover
    • B/W illustruated
    • Please observe photos for condition

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  • The Loyal Regiment (North Lancs) stable belt

    • Genuine MOD stable belt
    • Small – up to 30″ waist
    • Medium up to 36″ waist
    • Large up to 40″ waist
    • XL up to 44″ waist
    • Leather buckle
    • Issued
    • size given is largest extent
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  • The Thin Red Line, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders framed picture

    £50.00 £44.99
    • Framed and glass picture of The Thin Red Line, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
    • Measures approx 56.5cm x 89cm

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  • US quilted poncho liner

    • Genuine military surplus
    • quilted extra warm layer for your outdoor activities
    • large square -ish quilted wrap around to keep you warm when you’re outside by use of an additional layer
    • aka ‘woobie’

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  • Vintage White Buckskin Leather Riding breeches Jodhpurs

    • Vintage riding breeches
    • Soft, but heavy weight, white buckskin? leather
    • Drop front fly
    • Buttons read ‘SANDON & CO, LONDON
    • front pocket
    • buttons appear to be original
    • 4 buttons on front of each ankle and 1 at rear?
    • 4 buttons to waistband (2 at front/2 at back) for braces
    • Difficult to guestimate size as no label’s, but when laid flat the trousers measure the following:
    • across waistband at the top 30/31″
    • outside leg from ankle to waist band at front 32″ (the trousers are higher at the back)
    • across bottom of ankle 6″
    • from top of waist band at front to seam at top of legs under the fly 14″
    • hips  (as oppose to waist) 40″
    • we are told they are circa 1800’s
    • Used and show sign of previous use as can be seen from the photo’s

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  • WW2 Childs Mickey Mouse Gas Mask

    • Piece of Vintage British homefront history
    • Childs ‘Micky Mouse’ gas mask
    • in original box
    • Excellent condition
    • Iconic symbol of the war at home
    • Securely packaged and sent signed for and insured

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We carry a wide range of ever Army Surplus stock from our British and European suppliers: Including Gore-tex waterproof jackets and trousers, boots, jumpers, shirts, combat trousers, thermals, socks, camping and outdoor activity accessories, as well as hats, gloves, and rucksacks, big and small bags.

We have an eclectic collection of diverse MILITARIA, both British and European from historical items to modern day.