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Welcome to our Army Surplus shop based in Coldstream, home of the Coldstream Guards, in the beautiful Scottish Borders. We have been trading since 1995 in British and European military surplus.


  • Band spec military issue pipers cape

    • military issue Royal Regiment of Scotland pipers cape
    • issued and therefore may have minor signs of wear
    • 100% PU coated water proof cape
    • 2 large pockets on internal jacket
    • MEDIUM – normal chest size 39″ – 42″ (99cms – 107cms) / back length 49.0″ (124 cms)
      (MEDIUM suits most adults of medium build with heights up to 5’11” )
    • Olive Green
    • Some are labelled ‘Mister Anthony – inverness capes’
    • Used by Royal Regiment, and other highland regiments for Ceremonial Occasions
    • Used by Pipe Bands, Highland Dancers, Kilt wearers, Standard Bearers, Shooters, Dog walkers, Hillwalkers, Campers
    • Use as a niche waterproof jacket or maybe on your scooter or bike (please be careful to check all safety issues first)
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  • British Army Colour Sergeant sash

    • Genuine British Army issue
    • one of the oldest items f uniform in the British Army
    • Worn over the shoulder by NCO’s
    • size is measured approximately as 1/2 the length of the sash, not including the knot
    • Buy as a spare or a gift or repurpose for theatre or re enacting
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  • British Army Combat Application Tourniquet

    • Genuine issued military piece
    • widespread issue to most troops on active deployments
    • correct trained use these tourniques can be used to effectively stop/reduce bleeding on extremities
    • one-handed tourniquet
    • secure with ‘windlass’
    • velcro securing strap.
    • ** do not use unless appropriately trained **
    • Issued or unissued
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  • Coldstream Guards Ceremonial No 1 Dress uniform jacket

    £199.00 £179.00
    • Beautiful Genuine British military
    • Coldstream Guards Ceremonial No 1 Dress uniform jacket
    • size medium.
    • It measures approx:
    • under arm 21″
    • collar 16.5″
    • length down back from nap to bottom hem 34″
    • chest approx 19-20″
    • Please note this should be a sung fit! Usually worn with a very light garment underneath eg: t shirt
    • beautifully crafted ceremonial military dress jacket from the Famouns Coldstream Guards Regiment”
    • bright red tunic
    • lined in satin style soft fabric
    • black fabric high collar with gold bullion stars
    • complimentary detailing on wrist & small of the back
    • 9 gold metal buttons of the COLDSTREAM GUARDS
    • detailed epaullettes
    • fitted to waist
    • wear with complimentary belts and buckles of the Coldstream Guards for finishing touch (avaliable seperately)
    • set yourself apart and get noticed with this statment item of clothing
    • wear it as fashion statment or use as part of a theatre production
    • We are a small independant shop and are happy to advise and answer questions


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  • Coldstream Guards Recruitment poster

    • Unique to us
    • copy of Coldstream guard recruitment poster
    • other poster like this are avaliable…but only ours has the pay scale. Copy of the original poster.
    • This comes in protective tube.
    • size approx 30cm x 42cm
    • Would make lovely gift for a Guard or their family
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  • Italian Official General of Defence metal signed Pennant

    £34.99 £27.99

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  • Military button Royal Company of Archers, Kings Crown Button

    • The Royal Company of Archers, Kings Crown Button
    • Lovely genuine military buttons from the Royal Archers the monarch’s body guard in Scotland
    • great for making beautiful bespoke garments
    • lots avaliable

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  • Military patent George boots with spurs

    £99.00 £89.00
    • Genuine military George boots with spurs
    • patent
    • issued
    • size 12
    • these boots are specially adapted to hold the spurs
    • field officers of Major rank and the adjutant of a battalion above, can wear these with ceremonial and mess dress
    • buy these for their orginal use or buy for a gift or as an additon to your own wardrobe/fashion expression

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  • Ordanance Corps WW2 Sweetheart gift


    Lovelt little reminder of years gone by. Some slight fading in places  to fabric commensurate with aging.

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  • Osprey MK IVA (MTP) first aid pouch


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  • Pilot & Flight engineer’s notes – LANCASTER

    • Pilot & Flight engineer’s notes – LANCASTER
    • Mark I- four Merlin XX, 22 or 24 engines
    • Mark III & X – four MERLIN 28 or 38 Enginies
    • Small booklet form Air Ministry
    • Genuine
    • includes notes, photo’s and much more
    • condition commensurate with age and use
    • some handwritten notes
    • Grab a piece of aviation history
    • **other pilot notes avaliable**

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  • RAF aircraft cockpit instrument – compass

    £119.00 £109.00
    • RAF aircraft cockpit instruments
    • Approx size 12.5cm x 13.50cm x 21cm
    • untested
    • metal label reads: G M Compass for MOD D4 LINK TRAINER serial number 184 The Sperry Gyroscope Co Ltd, London
    • might accept a reasonable offer. (postage will be additional,  due to weight, please be aware of this during buying process as it will say free postage but this item will incurr an additional £10 postage charge. Or collect for free and see what else we have got in stock!)

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  • RAF, RN, RM officers white shirt with Saltire flag on back

    • This is actually an RAF , Royal Navy,  Royal Marines officers shirt
    • with Marcello front
    • 42″ collar
    • hand stitched saltire flag on back
    • a bespoke Scottish design shirt
    • wear with a pair of our military shoes
    • wear with a pair of our military trews or kilt

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  • Royal Company of Archers painting – Queen’s body guard

    £169.99 £149.99
    • A unique painting from the Royal Compay of Archers in Edinburgh, (the monarch’s body guard when they come to Scotland)
    • they are a ceremonial unit
    • located in edinburgh
    • The Royal Company of Archers has a long history in Scotland as a body that celebrated both the recreation and talent of local archers. As a body established by the Monarch, the Company has a long history of unique prizes, influential supporters, and ceremonial roles.
    • This is believed to be an oil painting on metal mesh
    • image shows 2 jacobean? soldiers flanking a shield
    • the moto reads ‘arcu atque animo’ which means with bow & spirit
    • We have had it reframed
    • measures approx:
    • would be a totally unique piece of royal and Scottish history for any collector
    • from the Royal Company of Archers in Edinburgh
    • other Royal Archers memorebelia avaliable, please see dedicated category

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  • Royal Corps of Transport Mess Dress major rank – ceremonial

    £169.00 £149.99
    • Very smart Mess dress Jacket and Waistcoat
    • Curently with Royal Corps of Transport collar dogs. These can be reomoved so you have none or add your own.
    • Jacket: Black with Cream lapels. Jacket has black satin feel lining. 1 internal pocket. Major insignia on shoulders.
    • Waistcoat: Cream with Cream satin feel lining. 4 buttons and 2 pockets. Adjusting tape on rear.
    • Maker: Moss Bros of Covent Garden.
    • Sizes Approx: Chest 40″, Under Arm  19″
    • Please note: This is an issued item and as such may shows signs of use. We respectfully ask you to examine the photo’s full before buying to ensure you know the condition of the itemUse for original intended use
    • Or re purpose for fashion, theatre or re enacting project. Pair with our other mess dress clothing, trousres, boots, hats, bagdes & medals

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  • Royal Regiment of Scotland Doublet – ceremonial

    £49.99 £39.99
      • Royal Regiment of Scotland Doublet
      • Lightweight and unlined
      • No buttons
      • White Cotton fabric?
      • High neck with comfort ‘anti chaff’  baffle
      • Shoulder Eppaulettes flaps
      • Decorative hem flaps with white braiding to front and rear
      • Matching decorative white braiding to cuff
      • Stock photo
      • Might? take a dye if you fancy a different colour?
      • Or try our other doublets:
      • Or why not have a piper play at your event: https://www.scottishbagpipers.com/bagpiper-prices/
      • Table of current sizes. Please select chest size when ordering and add a note with other item size code. ** chest size is with a thin t-shirt underneath, anything thicker than this and you’ll need to order a size larger. This is a military fitted garment so will be tightly tailored!
      Reference Chest Waist Inside arm Height
      1 34/36 31 16.5 17
      2 34/36 36 17 18
      3 36/38 30 17.5 19
      4 36/38 31 18 18
      5 36/38 32 17.5 17
      6 36/38 32 18.5 18.5
      7 36/38 32 16 19
      8 36/38 33 16.5 20
      9 36/38 34 16 19.5
      10 36/38 34 18 19.5
      11 36/38 34 19 18
      12 36/38 34 18 18
      13 36/38 34 17 19
      14 36/38 35 17 18
      15 36/38 36 18 18.5
      16 36/38 38 17 19
      17 38/40 34 19 19
      18 38/40 36 17 18
      19 38/40 36 18 20
      20 38/40 37 17 19
      21 38/40 38 18 19.5
      22 38/40 38 18 21
      23 40/42 37 16.5 19
      24 40/42 38 17 18
      25 40/42 40 17 19
      26 44/46 40 18 18.5
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  • Royal Regiment of Scotland parade belt & or buckle

    • Royal Regiment of Scotland parade belt & buckle
    • Adjustable white nylon parade belt with metal hook buckle and gold coloured metal buckle & insignia
    • Measures approx 10.5cm x 6.5cm
    • Buy as a replacement, spare or gift
    • Lots of other Royal regiment of Scotland accessories avaliable to accompany
    • libary picture
    • If you cant see what you are looking for please contact us as we often have lots of things not on the website yet! hats, berets, hackles, socks, kilts, jackets…..
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  • Royal Regiment of Scotland Sporran

    • Genuine military sporran
    • From famous Scottish regiment
    • leather pouch
    • Black & White horse hair
    • 2 tassels
    • Gold colored cantle with Royal Regiment of Scotland emblem
    • Use for military and civilian use
    • Buy as a spare or as a gift
    • Kilt NOT included but kilts available separately:
    • https://www.walkthisway.co.uk/shop/collectibles-militaria/scottish-militaria/royal-regiment-of-scotland-kilt/

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  • The Thin Red Line, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders framed picture

    £50.00 £44.99
    • Framed and glass picture of The Thin Red Line, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
    • Measures approx 56.5cm x 89cm

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  • WW2 Childs Mickey Mouse Gas Mask

    • Piece of Vintage British homefront history
    • Childs ‘Micky Mouse’ gas mask
    • in original box
    • Excellent condition
    • Iconic symbol of the war at home
    • Securely packaged and sent signed for and insured

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We carry a wide range of ever Army Surplus stock from our British and European suppliers: Including Gore-tex waterproof jackets and trousers, boots, jumpers, shirts, combat trousers, thermals, socks, camping and outdoor activity accessories, as well as hats, gloves, and rucksacks, big and small bags.

We have an eclectic collection of diverse MILITARIA, both British and European from historical items to modern day.