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Welcome to our Army Surplus shop based in Coldstream, home of the Coldstream Guards, in the beautiful Scottish Borders. We have been trading since 1995 in British and European military surplus.


  • Barr & Stroud Binoculars military

    £149.99 £129.99

    Barr & Stroud Binoculars

    • War department marked set of Barr & Stroud Bino’s
    • 1933 dated
    • 80+ years old
    • There are several marking on the bino’s:

    7 x cf41  Glasgow and London. (These appear to be 7 x 50 but please confirm this through your own research using our photo’s. Happy to supply more photo’s as requested.)

    AP: No 1900A Serial number 54055. British Patent No 416359/1933

    It is still possible to see the bold Admiralty Arrow on casing, but paint either come off or painted over? They have various light filter’s. These unusually have the ‘metal twist solar sun shield attachments’ to the lenses.

    As these were in their day a high quality piece of optical engineering it is understood they would have belonged to a higher ranking Naval Officer.

    They are ‘foggy’ on one lens so might need servicing. Still Amazing talking point for all historians but espically those with a maritime interest.

    These come original vintage leather neck strap and solid protective leather case.


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  • British Army Colour Sergeant sash

    • Genuine British Army issue
    • one of the oldest items f uniform in the British Army
    • Worn over the shoulder by NCO’s
    • size is measured approximately as 1/2 the length of the sash, not including the knot
    • Buy as a spare or a gift or repurpose for theatre or re enacting
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  • British Army Combat Application Tourniquet

    • Genuine issued military piece
    • widespread issue to most troops on active deployments
    • correct trained use these tourniques can be used to effectively stop/reduce bleeding on extremities
    • one-handed tourniquet
    • secure with ‘windlass’
    • velcro securing strap.
    • ** do not use unless appropriately trained **
    • Issued or unissued
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  • British Army HAIX LEATHER GORETEX boots

    • British Army Haix boots
    • designed for huge range of military activites from intensive combat to light weight patrolling with comfort & performance in mind
    • LEATHER boots (Some varities have a small amount of fabric on the ankle)
    • breatheable membrane
    • extra ankle support when tabbing on mixed terrain
    • Versitile
    • light weight
    • tough
    • durable
    • Ex millitary leather boots
    • Vibram sole for thermal comfortable and supportive
    • Please note these are government surplus issued boots and may show signs of wear,  polish or have names or service numbers inside. Combat footwear may require discoloured layers of polish to be removed
    • Libary pictures. Boots supplied may have slight cosmetic variations in design depending on manufacturer. They will be the spec as indicated above
    • Great for all sorts of military and civillian pursuits
    • Also avaliable:  Haix, Altberg, Karrimor, Meindl, Pro boot, Iturri, Bates, Hanwag, Magnum
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  • British Army No 2 dress all ranks tie


    Current British Army No 2 dress all ranks woven tie. Great for a spare, replacement, for re-enacters or historical displays.

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  • Coldstream Guards Buttons, Set of 10 Victorian Era (made by Pitt & Co madden st London)

    £99.99 £79.99
    • Genuine
    • Vintage
    • set of 10
    • Coldstream Guards buttons
    • Made by Pitt & Co madden st London
    • Sold as a set
    • Silver plated
    • Also avaliable a valise badge
    • Would make wonderful gift for a veteran or current solider, or buy to add to or start a collection

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  • Coldstream Guards Recruitment poster

    • Unique to us
    • copy of Coldstream guard recruitment poster
    • other poster like this are avaliable…but only ours has the pay scale. Copy of the original poster.
    • This comes in protective tube.
    • size approx 30cm x 42cm
    • Would make lovely gift for a Guard or their family
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  • Italian Official General of Defence metal signed Pennant

    £34.99 £27.99

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  • KOSB Kings Own Scottish Borderers WW1 Collar dogs


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  • MBE Military 2nd Type


    MBE Military 2nd Type

    • Full Size
    • Genuine
    • Original
    • Post 1936
    • Military
    • no box
    • 2nd Type
    • we are a small independant retailer and happy to asnwer your questions


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  • Military button Royal Company of Archers, Kings Crown Button

    • The Royal Company of Archers, Kings Crown Button
    • Lovely genuine military buttons from the Royal Archers the monarch’s body guard in Scotland
    • great for making beautiful bespoke garments
    • lots avaliable

    30 in stock

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  • Military patent George boots with spurs

    £99.00 £89.00
    • Genuine military George boots with spurs
    • patent
    • issued
    • size 12
    • these boots are specially adapted to hold the spurs
    • field officers of Major rank and the adjutant of a battalion above, can wear these with ceremonial and mess dress
    • buy these for their orginal use or buy for a gift or as an additon to your own wardrobe/fashion expression

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  • Ordanance Corps WW2 Sweetheart gift


    Lovelt little reminder of years gone by. Some slight fading in places  to fabric commensurate with aging.

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  • RAF compass


    Approx size 12.5cm x 13.50cm x 21cm

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  • Royal company of archers painting

    £169.99 £149.99
    • A unique painting from the Royal Compay of Archers in Edinburgh, (the monarch’s body guard when they come to Scotland)
    • they are a ceremonial unit
    • located in edinburgh
    • The Royal Company of Archers has a long history in Scotland as a body that celebrated both the recreation and talent of local archers. As a body established by the Monarch, the Company has a long history of unique prizes, influential supporters, and ceremonial roles.
    • This is believed to be an oil painting on metal mesh
    • image shows 2 jacobean? soldiers flanking a shield
    • the moto reads ‘arcu atque animo’ which means with bow & spirit
    • We have had it reframed
    • measures approx:
    • would be a totally unique piece of royal and Scottish history for any collector
    • from the Royal Company of Archers in Edinburgh
    • other Royal Archers memorebelia avaliable, please see dedicated category
    • we are a small independant retailer and happy to answer questions

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  • Royal Regiment of Scotland Doublet

    £49.99 £39.99
      • Royal Regiment of Scotland Doublet
      • Lightweight and unlined
      • No buttons
      • White Cotton fabric?
      • High neck with comfort ‘anti chaff’  baffle
      • Shoulder Eppaulettes flaps
      • Decorative hem flaps with white braiding to front and rear
      • Matching decorative white braiding to cuff
      • Stock photo
      • Might? take a dye if you fancy a different colour?
      • Or try our other doublets:
      • Or why not have a piper play at your event: https://www.scottishbagpipers.com/bagpiper-prices/
      • Table of current sizes. Please select chest size when ordering and add a note with other item size code. ** chest size is with a thin t-shirt underneath, anything thicker than this and you’ll need to order a size larger. This is a military fitted garment so will be tightly tailored!
      Reference Chest Waist Inside arm Height
      1 34/36 31 16.5 17
      2 34/36 36 17 18
      3 36/38 30 17.5 19
      4 36/38 31 18 18
      5 36/38 32 17.5 17
      6 36/38 32 18.5 18.5
      7 36/38 32 16 19
      8 36/38 33 16.5 20
      9 36/38 34 16 19.5
      10 36/38 34 18 19.5
      11 36/38 34 19 18
      12 36/38 34 18 18
      13 36/38 34 17 19
      14 36/38 35 17 18
      15 36/38 36 18 18.5
      16 36/38 38 17 19
      17 38/40 34 19 19
      18 38/40 36 17 18
      19 38/40 36 18 20
      20 38/40 37 17 19
      21 38/40 38 18 19.5
      22 38/40 38 18 21
      23 40/42 37 16.5 19
      24 40/42 38 17 18
      25 40/42 40 17 19
      26 44/46 40 18 18.5
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  • Royal Regiment of Scotland parade belt & or buckle

    • Royal Regiment of Scotland parade belt & buckle
    • Adjustable white nylon parade belt with metal hook buckle and gold coloured metal buckle & insignia
    • Measures approx 10.5cm x 6.5cm
    • Buy as a replacement, spare or gift
    • Lots of other Royal regiment of Scotland accessories avaliable to accompany
    • libary picture
    • If you cant see what you are looking for please contact us as we often have lots of things not on the website yet! hats, berets, hackles, socks, kilts, jackets…..
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  • S6 and S10 respirator filter


    Genuine British Army respirator filter.

    **Last 4 avaliable.**

    These fit both the S10 and S6 respirator.

    Unsed but not in silver foil.

    When ordering you will be sent any one of these filters.

    Please note although these are unused there is some small dents on the bottom of the cannister. This does not effect the useage.


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  • Scottish brooch with Cairngorm Gem

    • Approx 7 cm
    • Scottish celtic Brooch
    • knotwork  thistle, pictish, designs
    • multiple uses. Wear it on your scarf, hat, tie, coat or bag, or on your plaid
    • reflecting Scottish hertiage
    • buy one for your self & one for a friend
    • we are an independant retailer and happy to answer your questions

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  • Scottish Hose, Sock Tops, Regimental Tartan, diced hose tops, issued

    • Direct from Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders regiment.
    • library picture.
    • Grade 2. This means there may be some minor discolouration.
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  • Scottish military Ostrich Feather Bonnet Highland

    • Genuine Military
    • Real Ostrich Feather
    • internal metal frame
    • For Scottish military including pipers
    • knitted red & white rim dicing fabric
    • leather side buckle closure
    • leather adjustable chin strap
    • black ‘bow’ for attaching badge of your choice (we have lots of badges in stock so please ask we might have the one you are looking for..please ask)
    • HACKLES avaliable
    • red satin feel fabric lined
    • internal leather band for comfort
    • small area of feathers laying flat on left side to allow hackle to be inserted
    • 3 tails
    • rear ‘vent’ to rear allows for multiple sizes largest fit appears to be approx 60cm head
    • Please note this is a vintage issued real feather item and as such has age appropriate signs
    • Buy this as a spare, or for a gift or re-purpose for your theatre or art project
    • Happy to advise or discuss queries prior to purchse so please get in touch

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  • The Battle of Creully & Lingevres, 50 Division D day to D9, map of

    • The Battle of Creully & Lingevres, 50 Division D day to D9
    • An interesting map of this battle for those interested in military history.
    • Fablon covered map for long-jevity
    • Approx 47cm x 57.5cm

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  • The Thin Red Line, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders framed picture

    £50.00 £44.99
    • Framed and glass picture of The Thin Red Line, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders
    • Measures approx 56.5cm x 89cm

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  • Vintage canvas rifle gun case


    Vintage canvas rifle gun case. Sadly undated but our experience indicates from WW2 period. Would compliment any collectors weapons display.

    There is a very faint stamp which appears to read ‘M9 D3 spare barrel ???’

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  • Wool Plaid – Royal Stewart tartan NEW

    £109.99 £97.49
    • Wool plaid
    • New
    • approx 11ccm x 130cm

    Out of stock

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  • WW2 Child’s Mickey Mouse Gas Mask


    Vintage history. Iconic symbol of the war. Children’s gas mask

    Securely packaged and sent signed for and insured.

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We carry a wide range of ever Army Surplus stock from our British and European suppliers: Including Gore-tex waterproof jackets and trousers, boots, jumpers, shirts, combat trousers, thermals, socks, camping and outdoor activity accessories, as well as hats, gloves, and rucksacks, big and small bags.

We have an eclectic collection of diverse MILITARIA, both British and European from historical items to modern day.