Terms & Conditions

Terms of Business
1. General Terms
2. Measurements and Colours
3. Serving Military Personnel/Reserves/Cadets
4. Acceptance of Orders
5. Restricted items
6. Pricing & Availability

7. Private purchases

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, ‘Walk This Way’ will be referred to as ‘we or us’. All items are sold as seen, to the best of our ability descriptions are current and as accurate as we can make them, please note that photo colours are often difficult to capture accurately and vary between devices. For items that are size sensitive we politely ask you to refer to section 2. ‘Measurements and Colours’ below. Products and prices are subject to change without notice and replace any previously advertised information. Goods are sold for collectors/display/re-enactor purposes only, and are not intended to be used or suitable for their original purpose. We are a UK registered company and as such comply with the UK distance selling regulations.

1. General Terms
All items are described as accurately as possible and to the best of our knowledge and ability, however we are not infallible nor experts in every item. If you are seeking very specific items, or wish to be certain of any aspect of items you wish to purchase (age/size/wear/details of insignia/buttons/badges etc) please contact us prior to ordering to request additional information or pictures. We are happy to provide as much detailed information as possible to ensure your satisfaction with any item.
Where items are sold as “sets” we cannot guarantee that all items were originally issued as such, or are of the same age, source or provenance. Where specific items are known/suspected to be reproductions or of a different period etc this is stated, however care should be taken to request additional information as required, prior to purchase, as we are unable to guarantee the authenticity of every item on sale. Items may have been altered/replaced during previous ownership.
All items are issued (unless explicitly stated otherwise) and as such a certain amount of wear/discolouration/dirt/degradation is to be assumed commensurate with age/use/storage. Where this is considered normal it may not be specifically stated in descriptions. Where specific additional defects exist they will be stated.
Minor defects/marks that are not seen externally (with internal linings, hidden areas etc) will not be mentioned unless particularly severe or seriously affecting use of the item.
Whilst we do make every effort to present items in their best light (by brushing, cleaning minor marks, replacing missing buttons/metal insignia etc) we do not make significant repairs or fundamental changes unless agreed as part of the sale. We do not dry clean clothing prior to sale – they are sold as received by us. Where items have an unusually noticeable smell or similar issue we will mention this in the product description. It should be assumed that all clothing items would benefit from appropriate cleaning to restore “freshness” however we do not advise on washing and customers should take due when deciding what washing methods to use.

2. Measurements & Colours
Measurements quoted are usually actual measurements, as measured by ourselves. Where label sizes exist we may also refer to these, but they may have changed since manufacture (tailoring, shrinkage etc). In addition to garment measurements we usually also provide an approximate chest/waist size as a guideline – please note this is approximate, the detailed measurements should be reviewed prior to ordering in order to ascertain suitability of garment for you. For details on how we measure sizes, please see below.
Measuring fabric is not precise. We try to be as accurate as possible but please allow for inherent inaccuracies in measuring textiles – e.g. the method of laying a garment out, or pressure applied whilst measuring, may affect measurements by half an inch or so. Please bear this in mind when viewing measurements.
We always suggest you compare our measurements with those taken from a similar item of your own to get an idea as to how it will fit you. Please bear in mind that military uniforms are usually tailored to be snug fitting, whereas civilian items are usually made to be loose fitting – e.g. a jacket from Next advertised as a 42″ chest is likely to be considerably larger than a military 42″ jacket.
Colours rendered by digital photography and viewed on different devices may vary from the original. Please be aware that photographs very rarely provide a precise rendering of the actual colours.

The following measurements are taken when the garment is laid flat:







Chest: estimate is usually double the ‘laid flat’ chest measurement, minus 1” or 2 “ to allow for undergarments.

ie: garment measures 20” when laid flat, double this for measurement all round would be 40”, and minus 1 or 2 inches for undergarment wear would meant 40” – 2” = garment would fit a 36/38”.

Waist – the actual circumference at the waistband, minus approx 1/2″.
Leg/Length – the inside leg measured from crotch to hem, or skirt measured from waistband to hem.
Skirt Hip – measured at the waistband.
You may wish to allow a little space for comfort – ie: an actual 34″ waist may be more appropriate for someone with a 33″ or smaller waist.

Where a hem exists which would let down to give more length, this will be shown as 34″(+2)Waist, 31″(+1)Leg or similar – ie:. the waist can be let out by up to 2″, leg can be let down by up to 1″. You may choose to do this yourself or engage a seamstress. We can offer this service at the rate of £10 per item let down. Any items altered will not be eligible for return as they will deemed to have been personalised.

The actual inner circumference at the brim.

Before ordering an item we suggest you compare measurements from one of your own garments with the measurements we have advertised to better understand the fit of the item you are interested in. We strongly recommend you measure yourself honestly, and do not use the label size of civilian garments when checking your size.

3. Serving Military Personnel/Reserves/Cadets
Most of our items are issued and of varying ages. We describe their condition based on civilian standards. You should assume it is not up to the standard required for serving personnel//reserves/cadets. We do NOT warrant any items as meeting current dress regulations within any service/unit/cadet organisation. It is your responsibility to ensure what you are ordering is correct for your purposes.

4 . Acceptance of Orders
No contract will exist between buyer and seller until full payment has been received.
Payment can only be accepted in GBP (UK pounds sterling), no credit is available or offered.
We reserve the right to cancel/refund an order after payment if we are unable to fulfil it.
In certain circumstances, without need of explanation, and at our discretion, we may refuse an order, in which case we will refund any payment in full.

5. Restricted Items
The sale of certain items may be age restricted. No such items will be sold to anyone under the age of 21 or thought to be under 21. Confirmation of age may be requested prior to acceptance of order, irrespective of payment status. We reserve the right not to ship items outside the UK where we consider them inappropriate for any reason. In the event that a sale is not accepted a full refund will be made

6. Pricing & Availability
Whilst we strive to maintain the website as accurately as possible, due to the complexities of maintaining an electronic shop and a high street store using the same stock, very rarely we may have sold out of an item such that it is no longer available for sale, not be as described or incorrectly priced. In these situations we reserve the right to refuse and refund a sale, or supply an alternative by agreement.

7. Private Purchases

We do buy items from private sellers.

**It it always assumed the seller is either the legal owner or has the legal right to sell the items being offered to us**

Once we have agree the purchase price for the goods, we will ask for full written contact details, & the monies will be paid by us to a uk bank account only.