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  • British Army sweat rag – various colours

    • lightweight small cotton sheet
    • useful for multiply applications at home or in the field
    • camping, fishing, hiking working.
    • use as a towel or for wiping sweaty brows
    • easy to wash and quick to dry
    • essential piece of kit for backpacking
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  • Neckerchief triangle white

    • Neckerchief
    • triangle
    • white

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  • Snood thermal neck warmer

    • snood thermal neck warmer
    • As issued to British Army
    • Can be worn multiple ways
    • Excellent for keeping cold draft from your neck on the bike, or for outdoor activities
    • photo shows new/copy snood & issued/genuine
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  • Watch Cap, beanie, bob hat (Black and Green) Wool

    • wool
    • warm
    • not itchy
    • packs down small
    • keep a spare one for the car!
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  • British Army Issue Insect Net

    • drawstring neck closure
    • Shown worn over our khaki bush hat (£10)
    • Keep those pesky insects off your face
    • Essential kit for camping, fishing, hiking & all sorts of outdoor activites!
    • Cheap & packs down very small
    • Use over any hat

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Showing all 5 results